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Chocolate workshop

In addition to reviewing the museum exhibits, the Chocolate Museum in Belgrade has also opened a chocolate workshop, which is available to all interested visitors. In the chocolate workshop, you will be able to create your own chocolate bar from the basic ingredients and to your taste, with the help of the museum staff.

Have you ever wanted to make your own chocolate bar? At the Chocolate Museum in Belgrade, you can try your hand at making chocolate in the way that professional confectioners do. The Museum of Chocolate in Belgrade is dedicated to introducing visitors to the history of chocolate from its first forms to the present day, with a special focus on its history in Europe and Serbia.

The inhabitants of Belgrade and Serbia have always had a special place for chocolate, and variations in the making of chocolate have brought us a huge assortment of this world-famous delicacy.

The chocolate workshop is open for adults and children older than five, so it is great fun for the whole family, and it is especially attractive for children.

The ticket for the chocolate workshop includes a tour of the museum, where you can learn more about the history of chocolate, as well as see all the exhibits from the history of chocolate in Europe and Serbia.

Chocolate Workshop - Museum of chocolate Belgrade